lucid, adj. (3) of or relating to a period of normality between periods of insane or irresponsible behaviour

So it turns out that doing a mathematics degree makes you do at least two things other than learn to draw ξ, ζ and ℵ -

  1. Understand how some really quite cool aspects of the world work, and want to share your newfound understanding with everybody!
  2. Get really completely confused about stuff that doesn't make any damn sense, then spend ages worrying about it.

So I thought that it might be cool if I collected together some of the things I've come to worry about and/or understand which I think you might like to find out about too.

If you've any thoughts on anything I've written, I hope to at some point allow comments on the individual articles. For now, though, if you have a question or spot something that's not clear, or just plain not true, don't hestiate to get in touch!

What will it look like

Ideally, a typical article will begin with a discussion of the general concepts involved written so as to be accessible to someone with no mathematical background. (This isn't always applicable!) Then there will be some discussion of roughly what sort of maths you need to understand it the subject and how it helps. Then there will be a heavily mathematical discussion useful to people who are actively learning the maths relevant to the subject.

Of course, whenever you think one of these sections isn't as it should be, get in touch!

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The Elucidation Project

Things I wish someone had told me earlier, things I wish more people knew, and things that are pretty cool.

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