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Home of Carl Turner

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Welcome to!

This is the website of Carl Turner, currently a first-year PhD student in theoretical physics at DAMTP and Trinity College, Cambridge.

If you have any interest in M_\alpha\tau^hem\forall\mathrm{t}i\mathbb{C}\zeta, Computer Science, Classical Physics, Philosophy, Logic, Literature, Art, Music, Photography, Web Design, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory, Ethics, the Philosopy of Language, Linguistics, Sociology, Programming, Information Theory, Artificial Intelligence or something else... losing track of where a sentence is going...

... then we have something in common.

If we don't, I'm sure we'll get along just fine all the same. 

Things you might like...

Lucid - Where I try and explain things I think I understand.

My Course Notes - Based on my time at Cambridge.

\LaTeX Tips & Tricks - Because LaTeX can be really evil.

Cambridge "Weeks of Term" Calendar - Because Cambridge is confusing.

Academic Question Chrome Extension - Theoretical physicist using Chrome? Streamline arXiv and INSPIRE!

À La Mode Android App - Handy app for folk musicians with an Android device

SuchIdeas - thought for food. This site is proudly designed by Carl Turner, working as the web designer.
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