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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Getting Somewhere

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You wouldn't know that I'd built a site from scratch.

I'm getting frustrated at the lack of actual progress I'm making; i.e. it's like I'm not actually getting anywhere. With anything. And I'm the 'genius' here, lol. Never listen to anything that teachers say(!)

I'm setting up blog rotation at the moment. This is a distraction. But soon you'll be able to view my blog posts like reading a bog-roll. An amusing image, but the blog-roll pun has already been made, unfortunately. You see a progression of sections of text, some of which may, unintentionally, be interesting. The "slideshow" which I'll be setting up will be incredibly absorbing - by comparison. A series of commentated images. © me, I think, though the most commonly used CC license may be a nice idea - similarly for the rest of the site. That's an idea used by Colin Hughes over at Project Euler.

Anyway, back to work. Get something done for a change.

UPDATE: I did it! Blogroll here - and on the day I started :O

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Saturday, 6 January 2007

On Starting From Scratch

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Hello, World!

It's lovely to finally have a little corner to type into, a textbox of my own. And now, I have the pleasure of taking out my new toy for the very first time...


I've put quite a lot of time and effort into all this business.

The XHTML, CSS and the JavaScript is all customized, as is the PHP and MySQL structure (have a look over here for information), and I've done it with real care. Even the Admin bit which is online is valid XHTML! I believe that you should do things well if you're gonna be stuck with them for a while.

It was an old idea of mine, making a website (a couple of years old, maybe?) - I wasn't really serious until I downloaded Apache and PHP and MySQL onto my desktop, and started seeing what you could really do. And expression has always been quite important to me.

My first hypothetical site was (I'll get around to putting up a little archive, I expect); it had a Greek theme, curiously. ΡΙ. But that was a hope soon crushed, by the vicious habit of whois engines registering domains that are checked for availability. >.< That's infuriatingly cynical. Having successfully avoided setting myself up for a dodgy porn site (""... you know who you are!), I came to "" - easy to type, easy to remember, and blissfully short!

I'm glad I decided to build everything from the bottom up now. It's so much fun! I began with style, the "Formal Blue" look for the site main (I'm going to change my styles though, sometime), and then added the "Lively Red" version. All the while checking validity!

And then came the PHP - and the dreaded Apache RewriteRules. They look like swear-words, censored by text editors everywhere for the benefit of the sensitive user.

And I was eventually left with a backend which I'm calling "Expression" at the moment. I'm thinking of GNU'ing it; it's not greatly efficient or anything, but I reckon it's an ideal framework for constructing a site with multiple sections.

Interested? Maybe, some time soon, you'll be able to tell me!

Over and out.

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